Smart Battery Charger 5A 6V/12V Automatic SLA Car Boat Tractor Motorcycle Truck


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Input Voltage AC 220-240 VAC, 50Hz

Minimum opration voltage 2.5V

Charging programs DC 6V/12V

Ripple wave <4%

Charging Voltage 6V mode 7.2V;12V mode 14.4V

Charging Current 5A Max

Input current Max 0.9A/230 V

Protection Multiple circuit protected

Ambient Temperature -10°C to 45°C

Charger Type 3 Step, Smart Charger

Type of Batteries 6V & 12V

Battery Chemistries Wet, Gel, MF, VRLA and AGM

Battery Capacity 4-20Ah (12V), 4-20Ah (6V)

Housing Protection IP20

Cooling Heat vent,Fan,Radiator fin

Packing size 27.3x8.0x10.0cm

Weight 0. 6/ 0. 7kg with box


Package Content:

1x Cable with battery clips

1x Cable with O-ring terminal 1x Manual