AS UGG Erin Australian Sheepskin Baby Booties Cradle


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Baby Erin #AS3009

Keep your bub warm throughout winter with our Australian Shepherd Baby Erin Booties! With a Velcro tab and sheepskin interior, these ugg boots will be easy to pull on and off and will allow you to adjust how tight the shoes are, ensuring they stay on. 

The feeling and warmth of wool
Australian wool is breathable and has unique moisture properties that keep your feet cool in summer and warm in winter. Added to this is the comfy feeling of walking on a soft wool rug.

Our Nano-tech coating repels dirt, rain and snow. Like a good raincoat, it provides protection, is breathable, and keeps your boots cleaner for longer.

Hook & Loop Fasteners: Easy to use, quickly to slip on and take off. The bond is particularly strong.


Brand: Australian Shepherd

Australian sheepskin

Colours: Chestnut  Pink

Size: S  M  L  XL

Item Location Sydney, Australia
Shipping Type AUGG